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The inner Landscapes

Dreamhours is a place where stories, projects and characters from my worlds meet.
I love the idea of trying to capture stuff of the imaginative mind and give them a form. A form that can describe an inner reality; something obscure and in a way hidden, but possible for everyone to reach. 

Baudelaire once wrote, that mankind walks through "forests of symbols" and sees the world as a "forest of signs"; to discover and understand the universal in the individual, the invisible in the visible. That is a nice thought in my perspective, and it comes close to the idea behind this place.

The Inner Landscapes is my current project, some of these paintings can be viewed above.

Thank you for visiting!

~ Viktor Kvant, autumn 2018


  1. 2018.12.04: Two new teaser is up for my ambient project Night Moth! Take a peek (and listen).

  2. Writing and illustrating a new major story set somewhere in Europe after the collapse of civilization. This will hopefully be printed as a magazine, telling the stories of three different persons inhabiting this world. The title for this project is Subimago, and it will consist of both images as well as three complete stories, 24 pages in total.
  3. Silentivm - New photo and audio project in greyscale, with soudscapes free for download.

  4. Writing and illustrating a children's book together with Frances Catherine about a cat and the many wonderful places he visits.

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